• Breakout Unisex Hockey Jersey - Adult

Breakout Unisex Hockey Jersey - Adult



While the Breakout (skater) and Shield(Goalie) hockey jerseys are our most popular sublimated jerseys, players who are looking for a tougher, yet lighter fabric can choose the Breakout (skater) and Shield (goalie) jerseys made in our top-of-the-line Pro Knit Anti Snag fabric. These top-of-the-line jerseys are also made with contoured sleeves for a more form-fitting look, while staying light, strong, and breathable — all features a modern hockey player should not be without. For all of our jerseys, reinforced shoulders are a standard feature, and we offer V, Bridged-V, and Laced collar options in Youth and Adult Sizes. Lace collar: add $3

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