Team Shops

Don’t have a club house or shop for members to order swag from? No problem! Konno is pleased to offer an easy way for teams and organization to outfit their teams with athletic and spirit wear. Our online store allows members to individually purchase club branded merchandise straight from the source. This alleviates the headache of volunteers and coaches collecting money and taking sizes for each individual player or relative.

Work with a representative to select from a range of products you would like available on your team store page. Our graphic designer will work with your organization to arrange the logos and artwork to be imprinted on to merchandise.

Direct members to order directly from the team store by an allotted window period for purchase. Each purchaser is responsible for ordering their personal size by reviewing available size charts.  Once the end date has been reached, a detailed summary will be sent to the organizer outlining the amounts of club branded merchandise that has been purchased. Production will commence immediately after the window period once all members have had a chance to order. All merchandise will be delivered to the desired shipping address from the club. Each purchaser will automatically receive confirmation and receipt of payment.


  1. Choose your items (see client merchandise catalog)
  2. Choose your decoration options
  3. Submit artwork
  4. Select online window period (start and finish dates)
  5. Establish shipping address
  6. Spread the word to all members
  7. Let the ordering begin