What better way to take your look to the next level than with people who understand and live in the creative and sport world. Konno’s in house graphic designers produce thousands of unique and creative looks focussing on the individuality of each club strengthening the team bond with a unified look. From colour matching and pre-production prints and samples, our professional approach to ensuring that your look is the best representation of your idea has brought Konno to the top of the creative world.

Konno’s industry experienced pattern maker and seamstresses continuously our developing the fit and finish of our products. We always respond to feedback from our customers and have advanced our products over the years to establish a vast offering and base. If there is something we do not have, there may be an opportunity to develop it.



Sublimation is a decoration process by which concentrated dyes are printed onto a transfer paper using specifics types of inkjet printers and then transferred to polyester fabrics using heat and pressure. When heat and pressure is applied, the dye becomes a gas and is consequently absorbed by the polyester. Thus, the print becomes a part of the garment and consequently does not have any external texture which makes fading or cracking highly unlikely.

The main benefits of sublimation printing are:

      • Full colour prints with extreme detail and colour range
      • Small minimum order quantity requirements
      • Individual customization and personalization
      • Light weight finished garments as each design element is part of the fabric rather than applied afterwards with decorations like vinyl transfer, embroidery and screen print.
      • Durability- logos cannot peel or fall off


Trust is a key component to our customers. Knowing that an order placed will be produced to the specifications outlined takes immense pressure off a customer attempting to order for an entire club, team, organization or company.

At Konno, as industry professionals with experience from various manufacturing backgrounds, we pride ourselves in striving for a 3-star program:

  1. Quality- our hand-crafted products are made to withstand the wear and tear of every day life and some of the rigorous conditions of sports. With 5 quality control stages/checks, issues are minimal. Any manufacturer defects are 100% warrantied
  2. Turnaround Time- Konno’s manufacturing process is set up to generally produce orders in a 4 week turnaround, depending on quantities. Reorders and add-ons are not a problem and usually can be produced quickly enough for additional players.
  3. Consistency- We keep records of previous order details, colours, sizing and even special requests made by customers.


Don’t have a club house or shop for members to order swag from? No problem! Konno is pleased to offer an easy way for teams and organization to outfit their teams with athletic and spirit wear. Our online store allows members to individually purchase club branded merchandise straight from the source. This alleviates the headache of volunteers and coaches collecting money and taking sizes for each individual player or relative.

Work with a representative to select from a range of products you would like available on your team store page. Our graphic designer will work with your organization to arrange the logos and artwork to be imprinted on to merchandise.

Direct members to order directly from the team store by an allotted window period for purchase. Each purchaser is responsible for ordering their personal size by reviewing available size charts. Once the end date has been reached, a detailed summary will be sent to the organizer outlining the amounts of club branded merchandise that has been purchased. Production will commence immediately after the window period once all members have had a chance to order. All merchandise will be delivered to the desired shipping address from the club. Each purchaser will automatically receive confirmation and receipt of payment.