All confirmed artwork and order details outlined in the Mock Up and Order forms (logos, sizes, numbers, placement) are binding and therefore may not be adjusted during the production process without incurring additional costs. Any changes requested by client and or Sales Representative after approval of details may be subject to additional charges and/or a revised completion date. 

All change requests are to be submitted in writing through the KONNO Online Portal, or via email. Verbal requests in cases where immediate interruption of the production process is required, must be immediately followed by a written request clearly outlining the changes and the reason for the changes. 

If the error was made on behalf of Konno Inc., the defective item will be repaired/replaced at no cost to the purchaser.  


If the error was made on behalf of the client/purchaser, Konno will repair/replace the item(s) at a pre-negotiated cost and timeframe.  

All custom manufactured items that have been approved and purchased by the customer are not eligible for cancellations and/or returns. These items are customized solely to the purchaser or their respective organization and are not resalable by KONNO. 

Stock, undecorated items are returnable up to 14 days after purchase and must be unused and in good condition. 

Should the purchaser choose to cancel an order once production commences (after order form approval), the purchaser will not be eligible for a refund of their deposit. 

KONNO reserves the right to enforce a cancellation fee of up to 50% to recover lost production time and materials