Konno offers % breaks in pricing based on the following quantities: 


12-49 units 

50—99 units 



Specific pricing associated with these breaks will be conveyed by the Sales Rep when generating the order. 

The initial minimum on most items is 12 (with some exceptions). Orders under the minimum order quantity will be subject to a set up fee surcharge. To understand the cost, determine the number under the minimum and multiply by 25% MSRP. For example, the customer wants 9 items. This is 3 items under the minimum. If the item price is $50, multiply by 3 items ($150) and multiply by 25% ($150 x 25% = $37.50). 

Konno allows for 2 sets of add-on orders that are not required to meet a minimum quantity of 12. For example, your first add-on (with the same design) as your initial order could be for 5 pieces, and the second set of add-ons later on could be for 3. Both add-on orders don’t meet the 12-piece minimum, however the initial order did so this is doable. If you require a third set of add-ons, this order is subject to a 25% surcharge. 


*Add on and reorders must be done in the same product and cut. Any application of the same artwork to a different product or cut will be subject to the same pricing and turnaround times as a new order and must meet the minimum order threshold. *