KONNO will pack orders based on industry standard packing norms. Industry standard packing is included in the production time for the items. KONNO will do our best to minimize boxing by condensing orders into the minimal number of boxes to minimize shipping expenses. Ex. An order for 12 jerseys and 12 shorts would be packed into one box. 

KONNO can specialty pack (eg. by team etc.) but this service request must be included at order placement and is subject to KONNO approval. Packing list must be provided to KONNO using a fillable standard template form provided by KONNO. A $50 handling fee for specialty packing will be added to the order invoice. Examples of specialty packing are packing by team. 

Shipping times are approximately 1-5 business dates (domestically in Canada) and can vary when shipping overseas.  


Tracking information is provided upon request 

Yes, we can arrange for priority/expedited shipping billable to the client (prior to the package being released from Konno Inc.)

Should a manufacturer defect be identified by a purchaser, this item may be returned to KONNO for inspection within a reasonable time frame of 5 days. Manufacturer defects must not be caused by usual wear and tear, accidental damage, or failure to follow care instructions outlined. Items must not be altered or repaired by any outside source. 

Damaged or incorrectly manufactured products will either be replaced or repaired at the sole discretion of KONNO, at no cost to the purchaser. Items will be under warranty up to 30 days after acceptance and delivery, unless otherwise stated by KONNO. 

Products that are unrepairable or not replaceable will be fully refunded by KONNO. 

KONNO will not cover or reimburse delivery costs for any item returned, except if the item is deemed to be a manufacturer’s defect. 

All items manufactured or sold by KONNO will hold the same 30-day warranty limited to the repair, replacement or refund of the item(s) ordered. 

All defective items that have been replaced by KONNO are to be returned immediately. Failure to return said items may result in an additional charge of up to 100% of the initial order. 

All custom manufactured items that have been approved and purchased by the customer are not eligible for cancellations and/or returns. These items are customized solely to the purchaser or their respective organization and are not resalable by KONNO. 

Stock, non-custom/undecorated items are returnable up to 14 days after purchase and must be unused and in good condition.