By submitting this form, you are certifying all information provided in the form to be true and correct. Expectations upon acceptance include the maintenance of a well-qualified and well-trained sales force that is both familiar with the manufacturer's products and skilled in demonstrating the advantages of those products to the customer. Resources should be dedicated to providing a level of service that promotes long-term loyalty on the part of the customer toward both the manufacturer and its product(s). If accepted commitment of the following sufficient resources is required: sales representatives, marketing initiatives, and constant communication. Additionally, it is understood that best efforts will be made to achieve market share and other sales goals in a specific geographical or other area of responsibility. Prompt payment of all financial obligations as well as prompt communication with the manufacturer regarding changes in the local market and/or distributors own business is mandatory. This includes but is not exclusive to changes in management and other personnel, and/or operating policies. Lastly, by submitting this Wholesale Application Form, you agree to supply & allocate both the physical facilities and technology necessary to consistently perform the above functions.