Yes, acceptable file formats include: Vector Files: PDF/EPS/AI  

The client is responsible for ensuring all rights, licenses, consents and releases necessary are in place for use of any submitted logo/artwork on products requested to be produced by Konno Inc. Konno Inc does not verify acceptable use of any logo/graphics provided by the client and does not hold any responsibility for copyright infringement on behalf of a client’s submission.  

Konno Inc reserves the right to decline any logo/artwork/names/phrases that contain any libelous, defamatory, obscene, pornographic, abusive, indecent, threatening, harassing, hateful, offensive or otherwise unlawful content* 

If you require your logo to be converted into an editable vector format, our graphics team can provide this service to you for a onetime fee of $85/per logo. If the designer recognizes that additional fees are necessary for reasons such as poor file quality (among other issues) this will be communicated to the customer prior to a mock-up being generated.  

A copy of the converted vector artwork can be provided to you at no additional cost for use on other projects. 

The designing of team/organization/event logos is a billable service also available through our graphics department. Logo design fees start at $255 based on a 3 hour minimum. Additional time is billable at $50 per 30 min, or $85/hr. During the initial consultation and throughout the design process, our graphics department will advise the client of any potential for additional artwork charges based on the scope of the requested design and subsequent revisions. 

*Logos will remain the intellectual property of KONNO and additional usage of the logo beyond the scope of KONNO supplied products is subject to the written approval of KONNO Inc. Customers can buy the rights of the logo starting at $500 for a not-for-profit organization/recreational team, or starting at $1500 for businesses/organizations depending on the usage* 

Konno's design department can typically have a first draft to you between 24-48 business hours. A second or (if necessary) third draft would be available 24-48 hours after each revision was requested. As per the designing of graphics for apparel, we must limit design changes or edits to 3, to ensure that customers do not monopolize our designers time by continuing to try new ideas until they see something they like. The more information a client can provide up from such as ideas, colours, logo placements, etc., the more efficiently and accurately we can produce a client’s design.

Konno reserves the right to print/display the Konno logo in one of several areas pre-determined by Konno – e.g. bottom left of jersey, left/right breast pocket; base of back collar, etc. 

While we attempt to take into consideration the client’s artwork/design when placing the KONNO logo in one of the standards, custom placement is at the sole discretion of our design department, and is subject to management approval. Complete removal of the KONNO logo is not an option 

The colour of the KONNO logo is also at the sole discretion of the graphic designer, and is subject to approval by management. 

KONNO will recreate mock-ups/print files to the best of our abilities, based on interpretation of the supplied artwork. If a current sample is available for reference, it needs to be supplied prior to the creation of the mock-up 

In all instances where the client has supplied artwork, the client is required to sign off on an actual colour swatch to verify that the artwork/colours are accurate. Clients may opt to waive that step at their own peril, and will be responsible for any remake costs should the final product not reflect the output expectations. 

Any artwork supplied by the client should be according to specifications as detailed by KONNO. Any supplied artwork that requires the intervention by the KONNO Design Department beyond reasonable expectations (ie. Recreation of complex logos from inadequate resources, vector from a low res raster image) may be subject to an additional artwork charge. 

Any custom fonts used/required for names and numbers are to be submitted with the artwork for all new orders, as well as with any subsequent re-orders. Failure to include the font/type/custom font artwork, which requires the design department to have to spend time to source and/or recreate may result in additional artwork charges.

Colour reference is the sole responsibility of the customer/distributor, whether it is a specific Pantone Matching System colour of a physical sample (which you can mail or drop off at Konno Inc. 133 The West Mall, Unit 11, Etobicoke, ON M9C1C2) 

A colour reference chart is available [here]. Colours are not 100% accurate due to differences in screen calibration, RGB vs CMYK etc., but can be used in conjunction with physical PMS colour charts in order to make the appropriate colour selections.