50% deposit is required to start production on an order. Once an order is complete, the other 50% will need to be remitted in order to ship or pickup your items.  


KONNO will accept approved orders without deposit payment in the following circumstances: 

Purchase Order (P.O.) provided by a reliable legal organization or company (i.e. School Board, University or College). 

Valid credit card provided by customer and authorization to hold the entire invoice amount. 

Credit terms agreed upon with KONNO prior to any purchase being placed, outlining the conditions of the agreement. 

Should credit terms be arranged, KONNO has the right to charge an interest rate of 2.5% per month for past due amounts. 

If you request your items to be shipped at the time the order is generated, we will include shipping fees in a single invoice along with your custom products. If you require shipping at a later date, you may be billed separately. In some instances, for larger orders that either cross borders or require multiple boxes, you may be just quoted for shipping with an estimated cost, with final charges billed once the order has been processed by the courier. 

A copy of the converted vector artwork can be provided to you at no additional cost for use on other projects. 

Credit Card: Apple Pay, Google Pay, Mastercard, Visa, Shop Pay 


E-transfer: Please send e-transfer to with your invoice # detailed in the message 



Konno Inc. 

11-133 The West Mall 

Etobicoke, ON 

M9C 1C2 

Once your order has been finalized with a sales representative, you will get an invoice via email within 24-48 hours to request a deposit. You will see on the deposit a breakdown of your order, as well as applicable mock-ups and pricing. From there, there will be a link to proceed to payment. 

Once paid, you will get a confirmation email and your order will be scheduled accordingly into production.